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Talent Management System

Managing  people with precision is without doubt harder than managing numbers but is doable and gets easier, once one understand it, and build it through a combination of disciplined processes, in recognizing and developing talent.


The myth that the judgement of human potential is a “Soft” art is a misnomer as with rigorous, iterative and repetitive  processes, convert subjective judgement about person’s talent into objective set of observations that are specific, verifiable, and ultimately just as concert as the analysis of a financial statement.


The study shows that six human resources criteria had to meet for sustained talent management practice.

  • Performance Oriented Culture

  • Low Employee Turnover particularly in premium employee group.

  • High levels of Employee Engagement

  • A cadre of qualified replacements

  • Effective investment in employee compensation and development

  • Use of institutional competencies in employee selection and performance evaluation process

Our Approach:

We help organizations to create processes and toolbox of observing talent, making judgement about it, and figuring out how to unleash it.


The model presented here is called as ”TalentPodium” to articulate and focus on three outcomes namely:

  • The identification, selection, development, and retention of super keepers.

  • The identification and development of high-quality replacements for a small number of positions designed as key to current and future of organization success.

  • The classification of and investment in each employee based on her/his actual and/or potential for adding value to the organization.

Offerings :

TalentPodium offers following components:

  •  Develop Talent Assessment Tools

  •  Develop measurement scales for Performance and Potential

  •  Evaluate employees using assessment tools

  •  Succession Planning

  •  Career Planning

  •  Develop action plan focusing on “Bench Strength“ and create individual development plan

  •  Develop Monitoring process.

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