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Organization Development 

Organization Development (OD) emerges from business strategy of the organization, which is determination of the basic long-term goals and objectives of an enterprise, and the adoption of course of action and the allocation of resources necessary for carrying out these goals. It involves balancing of external market opportunities with internal capabilities to achieve goals and objectives.


Strategy has two aspects: Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning


Strategic Thinking can lead to a phenomenon of discovering novel, imaginative ideas & strategies which can rewrite the rules of the competitive game and make the future potential significantly different from present one for the organisation.


Strategic Planning is course of actions to enhance the internal capabilities focusing on Strategic Development​, System Development, Cultural Changes, People Development and Skill Development to hit the ground running to execute the strategic thinking.


Organization Development provides framework for strategic thinking and strategic planning to run side-by-side that will bring tangible results for the organization.

Offerings :

We provide framework to make the organization “Ready” to implement the strategy in the new chosen “Format".​

  • Strategic Development: Aligning vision, mission, values/ guiding principles with stakeholders

  • System Development: Includes policies, processes, technology, and organization structure and design, authority and responsibility matrix, interorganizational linkages.

  • Cultural Changes : Includes mindsets, perceptions, and habits, employee engagement levels.

  • People Development: Includes talent pipeline, leadership, backup for mission critical positions, relationships (roles, responsibilities & reporting), and dynamics (career advancement opportunities)

  • Skill Development: Includes capabilities, competencies, knowledge, education and experience.

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