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HR Consulting Projects

HR Consulting Projects cover a variety of HR areas that organization need to address during specific phase of the organizational life cycle to alleviate the burden on  business resources and leadership of the organization.


Many times outsourcing of HR projects is good idea and works well if organization wants to address specific HR pain point by adopting diagnostic approach to find out solution by understanding  the best practices followed by other organizations.


We undertake project-based assignments  covering wide range of HR subjects to help the organization to take appropriate decision in the best interest of the business.


Offerings :

  • Compensation and Benefits Benchmark Study/ Survey

  • HR Audit

  • Employee Handbook and other Policy Development

  • Employee Perception Survey

  • Employee Well-being Initiatives

  • Post Exit Interviews

  • Due Diligence - Merger and Acquisition (Pre-merger due diligence and post-merger harmonization of culture and policies)

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