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Professional Recruitment Services Practice

SpringTide Consulting offers professional recruitment services to support selecting of talent for the client organization by identifying, evaluating and assessing the right talent matching with the position requirement to deliver the performance.


Why us:

  • We have requisite hands-on abilities, expert skills and knowledge of talent market, supported by excellent networking abilities and industry research which helps us to reach out to active and passive candidates having right skill sets, knowledge and attitude.

  • Our recruiters have requisite and specialist experience in recruitment with an innate ability in understanding the position requirement

  • Our recruiters exhibit traits like determination, tenacity, commitment and focus while working on mandate, which makes them successful recruiters.

  • Our unique approach and methodology, helps us to  ensure early closure of search mandate with a high degree of accuracy and speed, all of which goes into increasing our client’s satisfaction. 

 Offerings :

  • Role based and/or Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

  • Campus Hiring

  • Project based hiring.


SpringTide Consulting offers the following recruitment solutions:

Contingent Recruitment Solution:

Contingent Recruitment Solution is recommended when role requires generic skills and expected to perform mundane activities or if organisation is in phase of bulk hiring.

This works fine when the market is balanced well in terms of demand and supply of talent.

In this business model, recruitment firm (SpringTide Consulting, in this case) collects fees from client company only when a qualified candidate is searched and placed against the position in question.

The relationship between recruitment firm and client company is typically a less intimate due to lack of commitment by the recruitment firm without the guarantee of placement and client company without paying upfront fees and exclusivity of placement/search mandate.

In the Contingent Recruitment Solution model, relationship between partners tend to be shorter-term and task focused.

Contained Recruitment Solution:

Contained Recruitment Solution is recommended for Subject Matter Expert (SMEs) or Functional and/or Role experts

with niche skills, functional knowledge / technical skills and leadership abilities required to deliver performance.


In this business model, a modest initial fee representing some % of the total fee would be collected from client company in two stage (immediately at the time of beginning of the search and on shortlisting of the candidates for evaluation), with the remainder fee collected only after successful placement of a qualified candidate.

In this arrangement, recruitment firm (SpringTide Consulting, in this case) and the client company will have equal stake in the result/outcome, thus having enhanced commitment for successful closure of the position. As a result, contained recruitment solution produces superior outcomes in terms quality of hire within stipulated timeframe.


Contained Recruitment is very useful when it comes to the demand and supply is balanced more toward demand of talent due to specific functional knowledge / technical skills, proven experience and leadership abilities picked up by the individual during his/her professional journey.  


Contained Recruitment model is a win-win situation because both the partners (recruitment firm and client company) has skin in the game and tends to be more active and committed to the process, which results in developing long-term partnership between the recruitment firm and the client company based on mutual respect and trust rather than having a relationship which tends to be short-term and task-focused.

Industries that we cover:

We provide recruitment solutions to variety of industry segment, and for companies of all sizes ranging from small start-ups to multinational corporations.


The following are some of the industries that we have been servicing since inception:

  • Automobiles

  • Auto components 

  • Consumer Durables

  • Construction and Heavy Machinery

  • Transportation Sector

  • Engineering

  1.     Product Engineering

  2.     Manufacturing Engineering

  3.     Electronics and Embedded Systems

  • Renewable Energy 

  1.     Bioenergy,

  2.     Solar Energy, Wind Power Energy, Hydroelectric Power

  • Service Sector

  1.     Commercial Banks, Investment Companies, Insurance companies

  2.     Logistics and Warehouse Management Companies

  3.     Retail and Real Estate firms

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