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Talent Engagement

Productive members of an organization who are psychologically committed to a role in the organization in which they use their talents invariably are more engagement and committed while performing the job. 

The higher employee engagement brings manifold benefits to the organization such as higher productivity and contribution, low employee turnover particularly in premium employee group, and better customer service.

Identifying and leveraging the employee engagement “TouchPoints” is particularly important to improve the employee engagement levels in the organisation.


We at SpringTide Consulting helps the organisation to identify the "TouchPoints" and accordingly design the employee engagement initiatives to reap the benefits of higher employee engagement levels.


Offerings :

  • ​Employee Engagement Survey followed by action planning

  • Opinion Survey/Pulse Survey

  • Stay Interview /Know your employee

  • Skip level interviews

  • Onboarding/ Induction

  • New Hire training

  • Employee Recognition and Appreciation Program

  • Employee Communication

  • Employer Branding 

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