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Labour Compliance 

A business that isn't aware of its legal compliance responsibilities is clearly headed for trouble. Legal Compliance is a process; and there are several rules, laws and acts to consider, for making compliance on regular basis to avoid business risk.


SpringTide Consulting offers Labour Compliance monitoring and enforcement services to ensure compliance of various provisions of Indian labour laws. 


Our primary goal is to create awareness about compliance amongst employees and management and contractors to encourage them to comply with laws in their own interest to offer safe working environment to employees and society at large.


One way we accomplish this by educating  employees, management / contractors and subcontractors through workshops and training, making them aware about, how to stay in full compliance and how to avoid costly penalties.


The Compliance Specialists of SpringTide Consulting have adequate industry experience and UpToDate knowledge about various labour laws applicable to specific industry. Our Compliance Specialists are dedicated to ensuring compliance on each project assigned, working in close coordination with management of the client company.



We provide on site and/or offsite support in administration of the compliance process.

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