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Learning and Development (L&D)


                                                                        Development Interventions

Leadership Development:

We design and conduct development program for discovering the leader within, so that one can align actions, decisions, and behaviours at work with the deepest values and sense of purpose.

Executive Coaching:

Coaching intervention is aimed at unlocking People’s Potential to maximise their own performance. Coaching is different from counselling in the sense that coaching is mainly proactive, looking for future (potential), and counselling on other hand is generally reactive, looking at the past events.

We partner with clients to provide coaching intervention in a structured and creative manner that inspires coachee to maximise his/her personal and professional potential to result into performance par excellence.


Mentoring is a relationship and a set of processes where one person offers help, guidance, advice, and support to facilitate the learning or development of another person.

We design and implement mentorship program for select group of High-potential leaders in early stages of their career and/or for selected group of employees who are making significant career transition either upward or horizontal within the organisation.     

                                                                        Learning Solutions

Developing people on the job has been shown to be most effective way of learning - the often cited 70:20:10 model for learning. Most of the learning (70 %) happens through experience on the job (Experiential learning), while 20% learning comes from others (Coaching/Mentoring) and 10% learning from formal (Education) like instructional training and coursework             

Offerings :

  • Identifying the learning and development needs.

  • Design and develop the contents of the learning programs based on 70:20:10 model

  • Identify the facilitator (internal/extremal) to address learning needs

  • Analysis of learning effectiveness, and outcome

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